Why I Finally Gave Up Pads & Tampons!

Why I Finally Gave Up Pads & Tampons!


After a few years of debating the best ways to give up tampons and pads, for environmental reason, yes, but also for my health, I have finally found a plan of action that makes me SO happy!

When Thinx underwear arrived on the scene in 2014, I was immediately intrigued. What would a world without pads and tampons look and feel like? I was reticent to make the switch, because I had gotten comfortable in my regular routine, and unfortunately Thinx can come with hefty duty fees when ordered online. But deep down I knew two things: Packaging, etc. on pads and tampons was excessive and I no longer wanted to stick a bleached piece of cotton inside of me. My dear friends at The Rebel Mama even suggested grabbing Thinx for the mess that happens after giving birth (I will never forget what that scene was like!). I was on a budget (impending baby and all), so I didn’t pull the trigger. When I was pulling on those oversized pads in my hospital room bathroom after giving birth, I was filled with regret.

Fast forward to last year, when I was introduced to Canadian brand KnixWear at a work event. They were generous enough to gift me a pair of their leak proof panties, and almost immediately I started using them on light days. And I LOVED them. I had no idea that I would enjoy the feeling of free bleeding so much. I was hooked.

So, I promptly ordered Thinx for my medium days, and ate the duty charges with the hopes of more amazing flow days ahead. However, I was still unsure of what to do for day one and day two, aka the Grim Reaper days. Welp, last month, when visiting my mother, my period came early. As in, in the middle of the night, while I was sleeping next to my husband in my mom’s bed (apologies to her white bed sheets!).

I went to the grocery store and I couldn’t imagine buying tampons or pads, even for such a short period (pun intended). So I reached for a Diva Cup. I had heard mixed reviews from friends (my one gal pal can’t use either size, she must be somewhere in the middle), but I had finally found my salvation. I would never have imagined using a cup myself, and it did take some trial and error to get it right, but I am over-the-moon happy that I did (yes, that was cheesy, but I am NOT taking it back!).

How to get my three pronged period approach, click links below.

Thinx Cotton Brief, $45, shethinx.com

Knix Wear Athletic Leakproof Boy Short, $26, knix.ca

The Diva Cup Model 2, $39.99, well.ca


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