The Reading List March 2017


The site has been a bit bare this month because, along with having a three month old, my husband and I moved into our new house, which is still under some construction. Cue really early mornings while the carpenter’s put our custom built-in beds together, intermittent internet and baby learning the true meaning of her little voice.

But, I have not stopped reading, naturally. So here is another round of articles that caught my attention, and that I hope you’ll read as well. Let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you!

Easily Inebriated
I keep hearing good things about all-natural brand Drunk Elephant, and it looks like Leandra Medine (aka Man Repeller) is super into the line as well. She, along with VC firm VMG, just invested some major dough into the fastest growing brand in Sephora’s history. Smart move!

Dry Clean Only
Blanc, a clothing cleaning company based in London, has its sights set on becoming the Net-A-Porter of the dry cleaning world. All while being eco-friendly. Thanks Business of Fashion for the profile!

Schooled Ya
Designer Mara Hoffman, her launched her eponymous label 17 years ago, recently spoke with Fashionista.com about implementing sustainable practices into her already established brand, breaking down what a transition to eco-friendly looked like. A very interesting profile, IMHO.

Save the Trees, please!
Rainforest-free fashion is a thing! Here’s what you should know about it, and which brands are following the trend.

Mad Tracker
We all want to know where our cotton is coming from. A DNA tracker is in the works to help you identify the location of your clothes cotton crop, helping you make better purchasing decisions along the way.

Good Jeans
The founders of Canadian denim label Triarchy have just launched an eco-friendly jeans line, called Atelier Denim. Learn more here.

Feature image, manrepeller.com

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