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The Reading List April 2017

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This month’s list is long, because it was recently Earth Day! It’s a great time of year to reevaluate our closets, our beauty products and our recycling and garbage habits. And there were a multitude of listicles, stories and blurbs to help promote the cause.

Here’s to a greener 2017. And maybe, just maybe, let’s carry this momentum through every single day and month moving forward. found out how the queen of chic green, Tata Harper, turned her luxe all-natural line into the beauty behemoth that it is today.

H&M has pledged to be 100 per cent sustainable by 2030. Lofty goals that I dig. That’s only 13 years away. And a lot can happen in 13 years. Cheers to H&M.

“I’m a strong believer that collaboration is much stronger than competition, and can help us scale our ideas and increase the impact we are all trying to achieve,” Hedvig Alexander told Forbes magazine recently when talking about her amazing, Toronto-based business, Far + Wide Collective. This fabulous read will inspire you to do more good, whether it just by buying a gorgeous piece of jewelry handcrafted by the artisans that work with Alexander or finding ways to think more sustainably in your own work.

Now Magazine’s eco-columnist Adria Vasil talks sustainable fashion on the Canadian home front. See what’s up with local labels like Miik, Peggy Sue Collection, Nicole Bridger, Laura Siegel and more.

Etsy is going big and going green. The marketplace business now runs its Brooklyn-based headquarters out of the largest commercial building in the world to ever receive the Petal Certification (a rigorous program that monitors a building’s sustainability).

Vogue’s web editors can’t stop talking about sustainability this month. Here they list three new fashion brands that eco-friendly and get the Vogue stamp of chic approval. And here they explain why senators Charles Schumer (yes, Amy’s uncle!) and Kirsten Gillibrand are asking the Food and Drug Administration to band 1,4-dioxane in beauty products due to its carcinogenic classification, just as President Trump is dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency. Ugh.

Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Hannah Jones, talks to BoF about how the fitness brand went from having the worst rep (remember the sweatshop scandals of the mid-1990s?) to being a more thoughtful leader in sustainability innovation.

Eco-Age creative director, Livia Firth (yes, her husband is Colin), champion’s fashion activism in an op-ed for Teen Vogue.

Trend forecaster WGSN also bolsters eco-fashion this month with a list of five sustainable brands—a few you may have heard of, but it’s always worth a reminder.

A new law Down Under could mean that Australian label will have to clean up their supply chain, which will automatically mean better things for the environment.

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