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The Profile: Sasha Tong of Lost & Found Apothecary


With a stacked resume, Sasha Tong is quite an accomplished gal. A TV producer and writer on the uber popular laineygossip.com, she recently launched a podcast with Lainey, and is already beating you at 2017.

Tong has just launched a collection of all-natural scents, called Lost & Found Apothecary. Born out of her love for eco-friendly products and a health scare that helped inspire her, each scent consists of all-natural oils, like vanilla, sandalwood, nutmeg and more. And she pretty much gets what my perfect fragrance should smell like (see answer number six!).

I chatted with her via email about her new line, her favourite scent memory (it’s insanely sweet!) and her must-have green beauty brands.

Why did you start Lost & Found Apothecary?
After dealing with some health issues I went on a mission to clear toxicity from my life, and in doing so I really started to embrace my inner tree-hugger. There are so many all-natural beauty lines out there, but I was having a hard time finding perfume. After taking a perfume workshop one weekend, I fell in love with the process and was inspired to make my own! After a year of tinkering away on different brews, I’ve come up with four really unique, bohemian scents that I LOVE.

What does the name Lost & Found mean to you?
The name Lost & Found is really personal to me. I think anyone who has ever gone through health challenges can attest to how hard it is on the soul—not only do you have to get through the physical pain, but the mental pain as well. After a few years of my own “stuff”, I felt very alone, very scared and quite frankly, very lost. This perfume line has really helped me find myself again. Am I found? Hell-to-the-no, but I’m certainly in the process of finding.

Why was it important to use all-natural oils in your fragrance?
There’s no denying the movement toward all-natural products and I think it’s important to educate people that going natural doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. Essential oils, beyond just their healing properties, are also just flat out cool. When you can tap into nature, literally, and reap its wonders it’s incredibly grounding. Seriously, it blows my mind every time I drop an oil into a bottle—these are serums that are millions of years old, made from trees and petals!

What ways do you work, with your brand and in your personal life, to live sustainably?
I try to source natural products as much as possible—from the products I wash my clothes with to the beauty products I slather on my body.  And when it comes to my perfume everything in those bottles are natural, but I absolutely endeavour to find more ways to live a more sustainable, holistic lifestyle.

What is your most treasured memory surrounding fragrance?
Whenever I hug my mom, I’m always struck by the way she smells. I could never describe to you what the intricacies of that scent is, but whatever pure love is…that’s what she smells like.

You created four scents for the launch. Is there a story behind each one? Break Up sounds delicious!
They were really born from wanting to smell like Daria Werbowy on a beach in Tulum. So, if you want to smell like a really beautiful supermodel, who rolls around in Sandalwood then Lost and Found is for you.

How long have you been working on creating each scent? How many variations did you sift through to get to the perfect version?
I worked for over a year perfecting the final four, but interestingly enough Breakup and Willow were the first two scents I created after taking my perfume workshop. From there I knew I wanted to make something that smelled like all my favourite incenses, which is where Burn came from, and finally, I created Ember to appeal to the people who appreciate a more unisex scent.

Which eco-friendly beauty and fashion brands to do you love?
Tata Harper, Province Apothecary, Penny Frances Apothecary, Woodlot, IILIA beauty, RMS, Agent Nateur, Wildwood…I could go on and on…


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