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When Graydon Moffat was a teenager, she started experiencing panic attacks and anxiety, and began battling with an eating disorder. Moffat then turned to food to help aid in her healing, which eventually led her to work in holistic nutrition, as well as yoga, art, marketing and the culinary world.

From her knowledge of the healing powers of vegetables, fruit and botanicals (which she learned while spending time in her grandmother’s garden), Moffat started her now burgeoning business by creating a mat spray and massage oil for her yoga clients. What began as two yoga-centric tinctures has now blossomed into a line of twenty plus all-natural products, for Graydon Plant-Based Skincare. The line is sold across Canada, in multiple boutiques like Urban Outfitters, the Detox Market and more, as well as six stores in the U.S.A, and over 25 online stores throughout the globe (click here for a full list of stockists).

I had the chance to chat with Graydon via email to learn more about her business, where the challenge lies in launching an eco-friendly beauty brand, and where her inspiration stems from.

What was the catalyst for starting your own beauty line?
I was teaching yoga, a lot of yoga at the time, and instead of buying yoga mat sprays and massage oil for savasana, it just seemed more logical (and fun :)) to make my own. Since I have a culinary background, I found the ‘recipe development’ to make products like these fairly easy and straightforward. It wasn’t until we started to make creams, shampoo and conditioner that I needed the extra help of a chemist to assist me.

Do you have any favourite products from your line?
They’re all my ‘babies’ so I truly love all of them, but at moment I just can’t get enough of our Keto Cleanse. Every time I use it, my face feels so smooth, soft and hydrated. I really love it! ​

Graydon Clinical Luxury

Graydon Plant-Based Skincare Keto Cleanse, $25,

What surprised you most about starting your own line?
This is isn’t necessarily unique to skincare, but starting your own business can be a little isolating. We have a live/work space, and since I work so much sometimes it’s literally hard to find time to leave the house because there is always something to do and as much as I love the work I do, it’s never ever done.​

What have been the biggest challenges of starting our own eco-friendly business?
Educating people to make better choices for themselves can be a challenge. And changing people’s perceptions—that they don’t have to sacrifice efficacy or sexy packaging—can sometimes take a bit of work.

Why is it important to bring a holistic attitude to your line?
I’ve tried to incorporate a more holistic approach in my life and healthy is always a better option. Now there are quality, natural beauty options available, and as long the products look great and work as well (or better) than conventional ones. ​

Graydon Clinical

Who inspires you most when it comes to your business? Do you have a mentor? And what has that person taught you?
​It is food and holistic nutrition that really inspires me. I have long been an advocate that you need to feed your skin from the outside in. It was my grandmother who taught me this and spent so much time in her garden teaching me about her plants and flowers. I remember making a rosewater mist using the most beautiful pink and red petals that had fallen to the ground. I was just a little girl back then, but these formative memories really impacted me much later on in life. ​

Are there any eco-friendly fashion brands that you are a fan of?
I love that Preloved upcycles their pieces, and I adore Miik‘s super-soft, eco-friendly fabrics. ​

Are there any of beauty lines that you are a fan of as well?
We recently had dinner at a store opening in the states with Valerie, the owner of Antonym. She has the most beautiful mineral make up that she packages in gorgeous bamboo packaging.​

Where would you like to take Graydon Skincare in the next five years?
Besides creating a plethora of new products, we have lots of growing to do. As the green beauty movement expands we would like to extend boundaries outside of Canada. Stay tuned on this! ​


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