Reading List Summer 2017

The Reading List Summer 2017

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Things are moving at a pretty fast-pace in the eco-friendly fashion space these days.

Over the last month and a half, quite a few bits of news have caught my attention. See here for your required eco reading for summer 2017. I’ll update this post with anything new that lands in my in box over the next few weeks, so come back for more.

xo Michelle.

Stella McCartney is at it again, and thankfully so. The 45-year-old designer has just announced that she’ll be using recycled marine waste, including actual fish nets and bottles found at sea, in her upcoming collections.

Online fashion retail giant Yoox Net-A-Porter will no longer be selling fur, in the hopes of becoming more sustainable, according to their latest sustainability report.

Actor Olivia Wilde has gone from Revlon girl to the new face behind True Botanicals, an all-natural line of skin and body care.

Attention budding designers, Business of Fashion has outlined five major threats to creating a truly sustainable clothing company.

Just how good for the environment is your favourite organic cotton t-shirt?

Zara and H&M see in-store recycling programs as the way to sustainability. But how much clothing are you actually bringing into their stores?

Will the vegan leather boom help save fast fashion?

At a recent conference in Copenhagan, global brands explored what it will take to close the loop in fast fashion.


It’s been a big year for sustainable fashion. Click here to get caught up on new from month’s past. 

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