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I could go on-and-on about eco-friendly beauty products, but what I lack is a man’s perspective. So, I enlisted one of my good friend’s husband’s to give me an the down-low on the products that he loves. Daniel’s man-kit consists solely of green men’s products, meaning he knows his stuff.

Here is a handy list of eco-friendly men’s grooming products, perfect for spoiling your SO this coming Valentine’s Day. Or any day of the year.

1) Portland General Store Alpine Shave Jelly, $16,
Not quite an old school shave soap, but nothing like a conventional aerosol gel either. This unique tub of shave jelly is packed with good stuff like aloe vera and essential oils for a friction-free shave. Bonus: It’s also transparent so you can see what you’re doing. Evoking the best smells of winter, like white pine and mint, this jelly is inspired by the woods surrounding its namesake town. Portland (the Maine one, not Oregon) is a beautiful place to visit BTW, and happens to be where I first stumbled into their boutique where they handcraft all products on site.

2) Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes, $24,
I keep my dopp kit stocked with this perfect post-gym, all-in-one from Vermont-based upstart Ursa Major—one of my favourite natural skincare brands. These wipes do away with sweat along and grime post workout, while toning and moisturizing, with a refreshing pick-me-up scent to boot. As with all of Ursa Major’s products, it’s packed with naturally sourced ingredients, such as willow bark and green tea.

3) Prospector Co. Peary & Henson Aftershave, $18,
I’ll be honest; I was sold on the badass name and vintage packaging of this brand before I even knew what was inside. But fortunately the book lives up to the cover. This aftershave, for example, is inspired by the voyage of the two explorers who first reached the North Pole (one Robert E. Peary and Matthew Henson). The cool smell of cedar and coriander do the name justice, while soothing bay leaf and witch hazel tighten up your pores—perfect after a leisurely night shave.

4) Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant, $22,
When it comes to natural hygiene, it’s best to find a product that offers the perfect balance between totally natural and the tradeoff you can sometimes get in efficacy for more, ahem, critical functions. Toothpaste comes to mind (*cough*), but maybe the most prime example is deodorant. This stick from cult favourite Malin & Goetz walks the line perfectly. It removes all the harmful stuff like alcohol and aluminum, while harnessing just enough science to roll on smoothly (sans white stains) and keep you smelling fresh. Eucalyptus and citronellyl make for a refreshing, if (reassuringly) medicinal smell.

5) Josh Rosebrook Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, $55,
I first tried this line as a sample when I needed something in a pinch while travelling with my wife in Boston. Once I got used to the fact that it has zero (and I mean zero) lather, this shampoo and conditioner quickly became my go-to. They both smell great and are packed to the brim with quality ingredients. Based on a formulation of organic plants and herbs, it gently cleans your follicles without stripping oils away. Certainly not inexpensive, but look at it as investment in your future hair.

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