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How sustainability has helped Fuzz Wax Bar to grow beyond Canada


Six years after their first door opened, the wax haven is set to expand into the U.S. and beyond, while keeping an eco-friendly ethos top of mind.

With seven locations in Ontario and Quebec, it seems only natural that Fuzz Wax Bar, a proprietor of all things hair removal, would start looking south of the border. But the success of the brand, thankfully, has not come at the detriment to the environment. “I know it’s really trendy right now, the whole all-natural wellness aspect, but from the moment I had the opportunity to start creating a line, I knew it had to be all-natural,” co-founder Jessie Frampton, told me recently in her light and airy downtown Toronto office, while her newly adopted pup lay sprawled out at our feet.

I talked to the entrepreneur about how her eco-friendly lifestyle pours into her work life, and about some of the ways the brand is committed to keeping up with the times when it comes to our planet.

*What have been your most significant sustainability efforts?
How we’ve incorporated the all-natural aspect, is wax can’t 100 percent natural. So we couldn’t find that in our wax when we initially opened six years ago. But when we had the opportunity to start creating our own products, this was a very deep, deep, deep core value of mine, so I knew going into it, and with the educational aspect—knowing how exposed our skin is after a wax. Fuzz was founded from a client centric model, meaning we handpicked what we wanted and part of that was about honesty. So, I wanted to be real and when we were creating our products, that’s where that came from.

I know it’s really trendy right now, the whole all-natural wellness aspect, but from the moment I had the opportunity to start creating a line, I knew it had to be all-natural. If we’re going to sell our clients something for their pre- and post-wax needs, I wanted them to complement their wax routine, but also be something that they can use always, that is good for them and healthy for their skin.

*Do you have a favourite product in the line?
We have five products, but my absolute favourite is our salt and sugar scrub. Why it’s so good, is because with waxing, there are two things that you want to get out of it, you want to moisturize and you want to exfoliate. So this scrub has a very high glycerin content, so although it’s ultra exfoliating, it’s also ultra moisturizing.

Fuzz Wax Bar The Eco Edit

Fuzz Skin Perfecting Body Scrub, $30, fuzzwaxbar.com

*What brands are your all-natural beauty go-tos?
It’s expensive, but my favourite is Tata Harper. I use her whole line, she’s incredible. I compliment that with Consonant Skincare. They’re great! We created our scrub with Consonant. We came together as Canadian businesses and helped each other out.

*Fuzz has always been trendsetting—you brought vagacials into Canada. Are there any new trends that you see on the horizon?
We opened up the first wax bar, and people would say, ‘Just waxing? You’re only going to be doing waxing?’ We knew that everyone likes a niche concept. We’re professionals. All we do is waxing, we pride ourselves on waxing. We’re younger female entrepreneurs. We have to be ready to evolve. We have to be ready for change. And waxing trends are funny. I always say, if there is a magic pill that stops hair from growing, damn straight we’re going to carry it. We deal in the realm of hair, not just waxing. Our girls are skincare specialists, but there are no trends in waxing. It is what it is. Trends in hair are changing, too. People used to wax for their partners, now they’re doing it more for themselves, which I think is beautiful.

*Why is sustainability important to you on a personal level?
It’s just who I’ve always been. When you start up [a business], you have to do stuff a certain way, but as we grow and we expand, we get these new opportunities that we never had before. It’s always been there. It’s important to me because I am very up-to-date on what’s happening in the world. I am a young, female entrepreneur, I think being relevant, constantly doing research and development, [is very important]. It’s a differentiating factor, of course, to our competitors, in Canada and in the States, when we branch out their in 2018/2019.

Eliminating the use of plastic is the bare minimum that everyone should start doing. There’s some great scientific data out there, so its not just people talking about it, it’s at the forefront of what we’re doing today. Eliminating plastic has been huge in my life. It’s tough, because once you pay attention everything comes with the slightest, small little bit of plastic. It’s ridiculous. I bring my own bags [when shopping], even for produce. I bring my lunch in glass jars. Flo, my business partner, and myself have created a corporate culture that actually shines on these core values. Wellness for me equals productivity. If you’re not treating your body right, living a healthy balanced life style, I am not going to get these girls to be as productive as I need them and want them to be. So we all share tips and tricks on what we do at home, it’s become a deep foundation of who we are here.

*How else are you weaving sustainability into the Fuzz brand?
We used to have sign in sheets. We’ve now eliminated all paper, so we’ve gone paperless. Which was a beautiful transition, because this is the way we’re evolving. People are talking about it. It was a good time for that. We’ve eliminated using over 10,000 pieces of paper, so our storefront signage has been replaced. We don’t give out brochures, we don’t give out business cards. All of our in-store experiences, like all-natural hand soaps, we’re spending a little bit more to complement those cores values.

*Have you gotten any feedback from customers?
Going paperless, they love it! People are coming in and washing their hands, I don’t think they’re noticing the all-natural soap. But that’s my extra touch that means a lot. I can still go home and know my clients are getting the best. We pulled together our district managers and asked, tell me about the in-store experience, and a lot of our clients were asking us to take the [paperless] route. It was great feedback, and it was an initiative that we wanted to take for a couple of years. We were a little scared, we didn’t want to change the client’s experience, but they were over-the-moon.

*Can you talk about the U.S. expansion at all?
Fuzz has been open for six years now. We have six corporate locations and one franchise location in Whitby. Our Whitby location just signed on to open two more locations. It’s very exciting. There’s a lot happening in Canada. But actually in January, Fuzz was partially acquired by Clear Summit Group. Our partners there are Dan and Brian, they have partnered with Fuzz to help us expand globally. They are gurus in the world of franchising. We always knew that we wanted to franchise, but we wanted to make sure we were properly educated in the world of franchising. We took a couple years actually. It’s very different than a corporate company. In the next six months, we’re going to be breaking into the U.S, from franchise and corporate.

*Is there a reason why the U.S. first?
Well, we’re expanding globally the U.S. is just the market that Canadian’s know. I could talk about going into London and Paris that’s definitely where we’re going to be, it’s just the U.S. are our neighbours.

*The FDA is a lot less strict than even Health Canada. Were there any restrictions for you to bring your line of products there?
Absolutely no restrictions. We strategically used chemists that are very educated in the realm of the FDA. Like you said, they’re very lenient, it’s very gross. But we have always made sure that we keep up with the standard as we grow.

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