H&M Launches New Global Recycling Campaign


Retail giant H&M has taken another step towards sustainability. The mega fast fashion brand, which initially launched its garment collecting program in 2013, just revealed a new campaign and video, called Bring It and Bring It On respectively, urging consumers to bring their unwanted garments and textiles to any H&M location for the purposes of recycling.

Bonus: When you bring in a bag of used garments (think one-off socks, stained t-shirts. ripped pants and more), you will receive a $5 gift card when you spend $30 at the store.

Since launching almost four years ago, H&M has collected over 40,000 tons of used clothing. With this latest launch, they announced that they hope to “increase the amount of garments collected, every year, so that we reach a total collected volume of 25,000 tons per year by 2020,” they said in a press release. They also noted: “In Canada this year alone, H&M has set a goal to collect 550,000 lbs of unwanted textiles and garments.”

A leader in eco-friendly innovation, the brand has been putting its money behind reusing textiles for several years, creating the Conscious and Close the Loop collections, which they in turn use to produce sustainable clothing. The Conscious Collection as now extends to their range of beauty products.

See below for the Bring It On video, directed by Chrystal Moselle. And click here for more information.

Shop H&M’s Conscious Collection online at hm.com

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