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Five Big Brands That Are Taking Sustainability Seriously


If I ever get to sit in front of Stella McCartney, one of my first questions to her would be, “Do you ever wonder ‘what the fuck fashion industry?’ ” After creating her line of high fashion, sustainable clothing over 15 years ago, you would think more brands would have jumped on the world-saving endeavour. But, in fact, in that time we have seen the rise of fast fashion and online shopping, both contributing to the millions of tonnes of clothing thrown into landfills every year.

One major way we can contribute to bettering our planet, is by putting our money where our mouth is. Of course, supporting local brands that work sustainably is a must, but so is supporting big brands who have the actual dollars for research and to help spread awareness. As a consumer, let’s tell these brands their sustainable efforts are worth expanding and exploring, by putting our money beyond these specific iniatives.

Here are five brands dipping their toes (and sometimes full feet) into the environmentally friendly clothing arena.

A trailblazer in sustainability, Levi’s has been working at the green game since 1991, and today is educating young designers and even competitors on how to be more eco-friendly. “If you figure out how to save water and you don’t tell people about it, you’re kind of a jerk,” Paul Dillinger, head of global product innovation at Levi Strauss & Co, told Fast Company in a recent interview. Agreed!

In 2015, when Adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans, and created an aqua runner made from recycled ocean plastic, the demand grew exponentially. Hence why the sportswear brand is producing 1 million more pairs and looking into eco-friendly efforts across the company. In Canada, sign up here to be put on the waitlist for these chic kicks.

The Eco Edit is just over one week old (in unofficial/official terms!), and I’ve already mentioned H&M and their sustainable ways in two posts. Click here and here to learn more.

Along with launching Join Life (a sustainable line of clothing) in 2016, Zara and its parent company have pledged to adhere to new eco-friendly standards when it comes to their stores, as well as their wares, claiming 100 per cent of their business will be eco-conscious by 2020. That’s a big undertaking by a very big brand. If you’re all for it, enjoy your online shopping by selecting items from the Join Life’s new spring collection here.

Dr. Marten’s
Brit boot brand, Dr. Marten’s, in the midst of a major resurgence thanks to Gigi Hadid et al. now has a line of vegan leather boots, which includes a Chelsea-style boot, cherry and black 8-hole’s and even sandals. I have those Cherry boots on order!

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