Celebrate Pollinator Month with the Burt’s Bees #KissesForBees Installation

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Attention Torontonians! To celebrate Pollinator Month, the City of Toronto has partnered with Burt’s Bees on a v. v. Instagrammable art installation, currently sitting pretty at Nathan Phillips Square, for their #KissesForBees campaign.

A pair of red lips, seen above, have been planted on the grass at NPS, and potted with native wildflowers that attract bees, hoping to raise awareness for bee health in the city.

“The whole purpose [of this installation] is to raise awareness about bee health in Canada,” Matthew Kohler, vice president, marketing at Burt’s Bees Canada told me this afternoon at the unveiling. “The idea is that, everyday across Canada, bees are kissing flowers. And now it’s time for us to kiss them back. Bees are obviously a big part of the Burt’s Bees history, so the idea was to create an installation downtown made with native plants, that are bee friendly, to raise awareness about the cause. We also created a special lipstick called Kisses for Bees. With every purchase of that lipstick, 100 wildflowers will be planted, in areas across Canada, to support bee health.”

It’s a well-known fact that 80 percent of the food we eat relies on pollinators in order to produce, and that equates to one in every three bites of food we eat.

To help out on your own, Kohler recommends planting a wildflower garden, with plants that are native to your area, to help provide bees with plants to pollinate. “When you talk about wildflowers, you want to make sure that they are native wildflowers, because those are the ones that are best for the bees,” Kohler continued. “Bees that are native to California would be invasive here.” He also suggests planting wildflowers that bloom at various times to help extend the bee pollination period, and to forego the use of pesticides, which can be bad for the bees’ health.

“It’s not just about the bees. It’s about the planet,” Kohler told the crowd of about 50 people who were present for the unveiling.

Fun bee facts that I was pleasantly surprised to learn:

*Toronto is actually home to over 360 bee species and has one of the most diverse bee populations in the country. Who knew?!
*This living art installation has been planted with 500 native pollinator plants that all occur naturally in Ontario.
*The team behind this project will be taking the installation to the Toronto Pride Parade, with a full float, on June 25, 2017. After Pride, the plants will be replanted in the area to make the most of their pollinating potential.
*Bees are very unlikely to sting, unless they are provoked. And wasps are actually the biters of the family.

Feature image provided by Burt’s Bees. 

*Read here for more ways to support the bees. 

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