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These Six Oils are the Perfect Fall Beauty Update


Raise your hand if you’ve already experienced dry, itchy skin thanks to fall’s cooler climate! For me, it seems the second we get below 10 degrees Celsius, my cuticles start fraying, my face feels tight and my shin’s begin to flake.

For the past few years, when autumn hits, I turn to an arsenal of hydrating oils to help get me through fall and winter. And this year is no exception. In fact, my bathroom is full of oil-based products that I am pretty smitten with. So, see here for six fall-perfect products, that are all-natural, of course.

Floral Fixation
Rose has always reminded me of my grandmother, like many of us. So I was reluctant to try this hair oil, but I am oh-so-glad that I did. This luxurious potion sinks into each follicle and smells utterly divine. Once shampooed out, it leaves locks hydrated, without being greasy. Say goodbye to staticky flyaways this season! And even better, this brand is based in Toronto, so if you are too, you’ll be supporting a new local brand.

The Innate Rose Hair Elixir, $18.72

Nailed It
I am not kidding when I say that my cuticle take a hit the second it gets cold outside. I often resort to wearing gloves to try to stave off the moisture zapping effects of the brisk temperature. And I bust out this floral- and vitamin-rich cuticle oil (the brand founder based this line on an old recipe from her grandmother, who used to create potions from her English garden to help combat dry skin thanks to the cold UK climes), that can be used alone or on top of polished nails.

Kur by Londontown Nourishing Cuticle Oil, $29.27, Murale

Face Value
I have talked up face oils before (most notably Vintner’s Daughter, which I reviewed for, and this one is sitting pretty at the top of my list at the moment. When I met with Jennifer Brodeur early this fall, who was in Toronto for TIFF, she was immensely knowledgable (she is an aesthetician, after all), and very enthusiastic about her line, Peoni. And it would be hard not to be when Oprah placed your brand on her holiday list just last year! This power-packed oil, a blend of peony extract, green tea leaves, licorice root, Rosa rubiginosa and Kakadu plums, is a rich, golden serum that leaves my face feeling super hydrated—and it is worth the price tag!

Peoni L’extrait face oil, $225

Head Games
Almost immediately after the heat goes on in our house, I get headaches. This season, I have been able to fight them off thanks to this tincture from Escents, a Canadian brand that has been around since 1992, and is the official skincare brand of Air Canada. Head Aid, a blend of peppermint and lavender essential oils, is a natural remedy for a host of maladies, not the least of which includes headaches and migraines.

Escents Head Aid Roll-On, $18

Stay Calm
Cardea AuSet’s Essential Oil Mist in Calm, a mix of frankincense, lavender, and bergamot, helps me to relax before I rest my weary head each night. It also can act as a way to help centre yourself during the day, which I should probably use more often!

Cardea AuSet Calm Essential Oil Mist, $34

Eye Do!
Some eye makeup removers, especially anything with oil, can actually be too oily, getting into my eyes, which is wholly unpleasant. But Wildcraft’s chamomile and honey concoction, also contains the right amount of avocado oil and aloe juice to make it effective but not stripping while it takes away mascara, eye shadow et al.

Wildcraft Chamomile Honey Makeup Remover, $18


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