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Few brands make an editor more elated than Tata Harper. So when I was invited to hang out with the TH team at Saks Fifth Avenue at Sherway Gardens to customize my own Hydrating Floral Essence, a signature product from the everything-green brand, how could I say no? Little did I know that I would actually be holding the first-ever customized Essence in Canada!

A winning combination of aloe water, calendula extract and naturally-sourced hyaluronic acid derived from a yam fermentation process, this floral essence helps to plump skin while it hydrates and works to enhance the performance of serums and moisturizers that follow it. The team at Tata Harper, who were at this particular location for a pop-up that is going on until the end of this week, took me through some additional extracts that we could add to cater the essence to my skin’s needs.

We went with one drop of lemongrass, to help soothe and purify, five drops of cistus, which has healing properties, and is good for balancing the complexion, and ended with nine drops of lavender, for even more calming and soothing (clearly my skin needed some help in this area!). Other essential oil options included orange blossom (to help revitalize the skin), jasmine (to help the skin retain moisture) and blue cypress (which acts as an anti-inflammatory), as well as a few others, to help create personalized versions of the essence for their customers.

After carefully adding each essence, they used a magnetic stirring beaker for about five minutes to help the oils mix together. Et voila! A new totally personalized essence. In the few days since, my skin has actually calmed, softened and maintained moisture.

The pop-up is closing soon, and the customization event was only on for two days last week, but customer can book time with Tata Harper team two times each month to learn more or treat themselves. If you’re looking for something that caters specifically to your skin ailments, may I suggest the facial? It is divine.

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, $118,

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