Sustainable Eye Brow Pencil

The Sustainable Eye Brow Pencil I Didn’t Know I Needed


Last month, I had the chance to sit down with Danielle Vincent, a Canadian makeup artist — she’s the woman behind all of Sandra Oh’s latest glam red carpet looks — who has called Los Angeles home for years. She launched her line of no-nonsense cosmetics about 10 years ago, and her signature brow pencil has finally landed this side of the border, at The Detox Market.

My go-to brow move has been Glossier’s Boy Brow since the brand landed in Canada in 2017. And, to be frank, I didn’t think about finding a sustainable eye brow pencil until I met Vincent. First off, Vincent told me about how pencils don’t require preservatives like most other cosmetic formulas, so it was easy for her and her team to create a version with natural ingredients. She looked closely at my set of brows, and started to add small strokes to my brows, starting from just above my iris and working her way out. She then came back to the middle to fill in where I needed. According to Vincent, the idea of everything following the golden rule (the geometry equation that some use to create a sharp brow), is perhaps not the best move, because those numbers don’t take into account how our faces are generally not symmetrical. So Vincent says to use your eye and start with smart, short strokes to achieve your desired look.


On me, Vincent used the shade Coffee, which she says is the most universal shade and also her top seller — it’s best for blondes and most brunettes. And Coffee has staying power — the soft brown pencil is buildable and comes with a precision twist up tip. I wear this brown pencil everyday, and if I want something a little stronger, I’ll then add Brow Boy on top for Cara Delevingne level bushiness. Ok, maybe not, but I like to think it’s close.

Kimiko Super Fine Eye Brow Pencil Automatique, $35,

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