this product saved me from splotchy itchy patches on my face


I recently added a hydrating serum to my morning routine — I won’t mention the brand, because I don’t like to slag and everyone’s skin is different, tbh. But after using it for almost three weeks, my skin became super reactive to it.

I had splotchy itchy patches along the side of my face, and small pimples brewing around my mouth and on my chin. And it literally came out of nowhere. I was at home with my hubby and two pals, enjoying a Friday night catch up over wine and weed, when my face started to feel hot and my skin turned red.

At first, I didn’t know which product was doing it, but I stopped using all products for a few days — over the weekend of course. I started only using Céla‘s Essential Balm, which contains a myriad of skin soothing Canadian ingredients, on my face morning and night. It took about two days for my skin to get back to normal, so I thought I was in the clear. On Sunday, I went back to my routine, and after applying that hydration serum, my skin was on fire! Those splotchy itchy patches came right back! I knew the culprit right away, and told my husband that I had to wash my face and start over — we were on our way out the door. After washing everything off, I applied another generous layer of the Essential Balm. It can leave a bit of a shiny look to skin, but I sucked it up and went outside anyway because this was a much better alternative to red, reactive skin.

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Essential Balm, which I also used all winter long to keep me complexion super hydrated, is made up of six potent extracts, and smells heavenly thanks to lavender and bergamot. It can also be used on cuticles and hair to help repair any damage, but honestly, I don’t waste in on those, because I want to hoard it just for my face. Because it cured my face. And quickly.

Céla Essential Balm Miracle Multi-Use Oil, $45

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