The Story

I have always had an interest in natural skincare products, and to me it makes sense that what we put on our skin can have an effect on our health. I became more aware of this when my father was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2010 (leukaemia is an environmental disease).

It’s been four years since my father passed away, and I just become a mom. Which makes me hyper aware of products that leave a detrimental effect on our planet and ourselves. Both fashion and beauty have come under tough scrutiny over the past few years, with good reason, for their effects on us as human beings and the effects on the environment.

Welcome to the-eco-edit.com. Where I aim to celebrate brands that share my love for good quality ingredients and fabrications, as well as design. Some of these brands are small but, thankfully as the industry shifts, some big businesses are leaning into sustainability as well. And what they all have in common is a goal to create product that does as little harm to our world as possible, while remaining stylish at their core.

Happy browsing!