5 eco-friendly essentials you need for picnic season and beyond


Clear sky? Yup! Large blanket? Got it! Alfresco dining companions? On their way! Sounds like you’re just about ready for a picnic. But, hold on—how will you pack the sandwiches, salads, and cookies you’re planning to bring?

Classic picnic foods are typically packaged in saran wrap, plastic baggies and plastic containers, which, as we all know, are no good for the environment. Less than 11 percent of plastics are recycled in Canada, and almost 90 percent of plastics end up incinerated or in landfills, according to Environmental Defence. Once in the environment, these plastics release toxic chemicals and hinder our ecosystem. So, for us, plastic packaging for food is not an option. And it just so happened to be #PlasticFreeJuly, so obviously we’re here to help!

Luckily, there are so many eco-friendly picnic essentials and reusable alternatives available now, and our favourite picks can be found conveniently on Etsy. Bonus, they’re all from Canadian vendors!

We’ve rounded up five eco-friendly picnic essentials that everyone needs for picnic season, and that are just as essential for everyday use. These picks will transport your foods to the park safely and are lightweight, so they’re convenient to bring back home with you post-feast. Plus, they can be used for grocery shopping, packing your work lunch, and entertaining at home. We’re always in love with a good multi-tasker.

Reality (doesn’t) bite
Jillian Harris has teamed up with Etsy once again, and her latest collection features eco-friendly goodies like these glass straws. This set of four comes in a linen travel case, making them easy to transport to the park. Our favourite part: They’re dishwasher safe.
Jillian Harris x Brook Drabot Glass Bent Straws (set of 4) with pink linen travel case, $45/set, etsy.com

That’s a wrap
Beeswax food wraps keep nibbles fresh and can easily be washed and reused on repeat. This set of four will protect your sandwiches sans waste. Grab a set of smaller wraps to bring crudité and fruit to the park. Use them at home to wrap up sliced fruits and veggies and cover glass bowls full of prepared foods and leftovers.
Urban Evergreen Co., Reusable Food Wraps Set of 4 Beeswax Wrap, $30, etsy.com

Bag it up
These little fabric bags are ideal for treats bought in bulk—like pretzels, chocolate-covered almonds and candies. Bring them to the grocery store with you when stocking up on seeds and nuts in bulk.
Ahem Waste Free, Vintage Blue Floral Reusable Produce Bag, $6 each, etsy.com

Always say yes to linen
We’re looking to reduce our waste of not only plastic, but also paper, and so these linen napkins can help with that. Limit the amount of paper you recycle or compost by bringing reusable napkins like these with you to the park.
LEKKO Life Goods, Mini Napkin for Everyday Use, $5 each, etsy.com

Have snacks, will travel
Now you’ll need a bag to transport all your goodies to and from the park. We love this market bag for its capacity to hold just about everything. You’ll also want to bring it to the grocery store and farmers’ market to carry produce, baguettes and blooms in true French girl fashion.
DR Hand Knit Goods, Handmade Cotton Market Bag, $24, etsy.com


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